Director’s message

“Heaven is not reached at a single bound, but we build the ladder by which we rise, from the lowly earth to the vaulted skies. And we mount to its summit round by round.” By J.G.HollandThinking ahead …going beyond…. Striving continuously to achieve what we set out to do….life has its own plan…its own agenda, its own programme. If we are prescient enough, we manage to decode the clues. There are shocks and auspices strewn along the path, some warnings, and some grassy meadows. Sometimes we are prepared for what is coming and sometimes we feel helpless. Through birth and death, health and sickness, relationships forged and lost, success and failure, life Teaches, Prepares, Attempts, Fails and Succeeds.In the journey of life every meeting, every incident has in it a lesson to be learnt. We will never be able to predict where each one of these will lead. Every incident and everyone in it has a purpose, which we may not understand or make sense as we go through it. Each of them prepares us and strengthens us to build the ladder to face the next event.

What makes life mysterious is that the script of the very next scene is hidden from us. In retrospect, when we look back and observe the path, we followed, from one milestone to the next. From one circumstance to an entirely different one, the narrative appears perfectly logical.

All of us, the actors and actresses in this beautiful film called life, directed by God himself, need to become the directors, actresses and actors. Our only responsibility is to become the best instrument to realize the vision of the Director.

Best of Luck & God Bless.




Dr. Sr. Sajitha

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