Goals & Objectives

  • To foster the total development of each student, in her uniqueness so that she becomes more fully humane alert to the needs of others, willing and prepared to give to others what she has received.
  • To nurture the formation of right values based on personal conviction.
  • To develop the spirit of learning, research, creativity and challenge.
  • To create a sense of civil consciousness thereby contributing to the growth and development of the community.
  • To provide an environment for the promotion and assimilation of our culture and heritage.
  • To promote faith formation that integrates faith with life.
  • To inculcate the sense of Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man following the path of St. Teresa of Avila, the patroness of the college.
The noteworthy achievements which gave Teresian a unique place among the women’s colleges in the State can be attributed to the emphasis they laid on the following areas

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